Phytoextractum kratom vendor


          Phytoextractum is a kratom vendor who always works on research and development. The vendor also offers many other products such as; teas, herbal formulas, kava kava, essential oils, coffee, ethnobotanical and CBD. They always try to create new products and get their customers to stay notified. High quality verified products are their specialties and reason for why people like the vendor most.  They proudly announce that they are affiliated with American Kratom Association and GMP qualified members. The customers also get notified about new products just to be informed and do some research if they want to explore more about a product. 


What about Quality?


    As the vendor is GMP qualified so it is quite clear that they are up to the level for all the demands that a trusted production needs. All the products are third party lab tested and now in pandemic they are getting them tested by two parties just to make sure that the products are all safe and don’t have any contamination, chemicals or metal particles. They claim that they are always trying to improve and upgrade their process of safety and purity and for this purpose they have recently added many variations in their safety process. The products have highest best quality, according to the vendor, depending on color, weight, consistency, humidity and supply.

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kraken kratom


Products and price


    While the vendor has a big store on web and they have many products to offer but here we are talking about kratom products and they are mentioned below;

Kratom powder, kratom capsules, kratom extracts and top sellers.


  • Bali kratom
  • Maeng da thai red vein
  • Maeng da thai white vein
  • Green malaysian
  • Whitw vein borneo
  • Green vein thai
  • Red vein borneo
  • Super indo
  • Red dragon
  • White vein sumatra
  • Yellow vein borneo

Starting price is minimum $8.75 and maximum $19.75


  • OG Bali
  • Maeng Da Thai (red or white) capsules
  • Gold reserve tea capsules
  • Gold elite tea (capsule or tablet)
  • Platinum tea tablets
  • 10% extract capsules
  • Red bali capsules

Minimum starting price is $14.95 and maximum is $23.99


Shipping and delivery


   Free shipping is offered on all orders via USPS First class mail, if you want a Priority mail then it will be expedited $4.99. If you shop over $75 then the Priority mail will be also free. They offer another option which is a courier service UPS next day air saver which is also free if you shop over $150 and it takes 2-3 days to deliver. All the orders placed before cut off time shipped the same day and the cut off time is 2pm from mon-fri and before 12pm on saturday.


Return policy


Returns are only acceptable if a product is unopened, once the return is accepted then you will be charged with shipping charges and Phytoextractum will not be responsible for the charges. Returns should be done within 30 days of order date.




Premium quality kratom

Lab tested

Free shipping

Same day shipping

Cashback return


GMP qualifiedFinely milled

Batch to batch tested

Detailed and informative website




No bulk purchase

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